Monday, March 14, 2011

Breaking Rebecca Black Update

With Ark Music Factory's release of a rap remix of Rebecca Black's now-infamous Friday- which I covered yesterday- I am now convinced they are in on the joke, too. The lyrics openly make multiple references to "fried eggs" (which many have commented the word "Friday" sounds like in the song), refers to the guest rapper as "a fat Usher," and comments on the now-legendary bridge which elaborates on the fact that Friday comes after Thursday and before Saturday by remarking, "Ark Music Factory has educated you on the days of the week." Were they always in on the joke from the beginning? If not, they certainly are now. As the remix itself asks, "Kids, wouldn't you rather listen to this song than Charlie Sheen?" Either way, Ark appears to be in on it just like Mr. Sheen is. It's up to you to decide whether or not that's winning.

UPDATE: As of March 15, this video has been made private, thus adding more fuel to the mystery of whether or not Ark is in on the joke (or if they always were). It's about as confusing as deciding whether to chill in the front seat or sit in the back seat. Almost.

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