Friday, October 21, 2011

Video Vault: Phineas and Ferb Edition

I talk about Phineas and Ferb way too much on this blog...and elsewhere, too, to be frank. Here, have a random video of series creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh rapping about how they make an episode.

Marsh recently told the BBC the following: “If you’re doing something that you love, however much money you are making, it will always be enough. If you’re doing something you don’t love, no matter how much money you’re making, it will never be enough.” This, if anything, proves that the P&F team love what they’re doing. Then again, why wouldn’t they? As a special bonus, I asked our unofficial Phineas and Ferb pal Aliki Grafft to help identify the people at the P&F team that are seen in this video. Here's who she could pick out. (Check out my interview with her if you haven't already.)

The rap is mostly sung by Dan and Swampy.
The first person you see is Mike Singleton, who is a Storyboard Revisionist on the show. (when the guys sing "24/7")
Then you see the back of Melinda Leasure's head who is married to the real Ferb* (no joke). 
On the part, "...and sometimes I even take my sketchbook on vacation" you see Mike Diederich who is a Story Artist/Writer
On "time to get serious and make with the funny" that is Bernie Petterson, another Story Artist/Writer
At 0:38 it's Leo Pinero, Storyboard Revisionist
Then followed by Rob Hughes, one of the show's directors, at 0:39
At 0:44 "we start with a premise" that is the writer's room, and you have Martin Olson, Scott Peterson, and Jim Bernstein
0:52 is Director of Original Series Jill Sanford
1:06 is Dorothea Schoentag, a painter
1:14 is me (Aliki T. Grafft) and Joe Orrantia who is a story artist/writer like me (also my former partner)
1:27 is also me and Joe
1:34 is the back of director Jay Lender's head
1:35 is Story Artist/Writer Kim Roberson throwing the cereal
1:36 is Rob Hughes again
1:41 is Kyle Menke, another Storyboard Artist/Writer
1:42 are the Voiceover Directors
1:54 is Anne Harting who is the animatic editor
1:55 is the Prop Designer, Anthony Vukojevich
1:55 is one of our Character Designers, Celeste Moreno
1:56 is a Background Designer, Plamen Christov
1:59 is Art Director and Emmy winner Jill Daniels**
2:07 are timers Theresa Wiseman, Barbara Dourmashkin and Mitch Rochon
2:09 is checker Wendy Jacobsmeyer
2:14 is Plamen and the other BG designer Brian Woods (who also won an Emmy**)
2:15 is Teresa Ferragamo is the production secretary (Dan and Swampy's amazing assistant)
2:20 is the Legal Department and S & P (Standards and Practices)
2:22 is Herb Moore who is a Timing Supervisor
2:25 is Mark Brammeier a Production Manager and Lance Lecompte who is a Production Supervisor
2:31 is Ted Supa who is an Editor
2:34 is Natasha Kopp who is the Line Producer
2:37 is Sue Perotto who is the Retake Director
2:40 is Composer Danny Jacob all the way to the left with some very talented musicians
2:41 Sound Effects
2:42 Audio Mixing
2:44 is the casting department (Sara Goldberg, Jamie Green, Dave Wright among them)
2:45 is Kenny Kweens, Production Associate
2:49 is Antoine Guilbaud, story artist/writer, and Kaz Prapuolenis with the mirror, also a story artist/writer

*Ferb is the nickname of an actual friend of Dan and Swampy's, who lent his nickname to Phineas's stepbrother.
**Ms. Daniels and Mr. Woods just won an Emmy for their background work on the "Wizard of Odd" episode. Congratulations to them!

Thanks, Aliki!

PHINEAS AND FERB ©Disney. No ownership intended or implied.

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