Thursday, December 16, 2010

Russian into Christmas

I was surprised and flattered when I found out my blog post regarding my choices for the five breakout stars of 2010 has caught the attention of Axe Cop himself (or at least, Axe Cop artist Ethan Nicolle as well as the gang at the awesome official Axe Cop podcast, CHOP!). Axe Cop's major concern was that he wasn't on the top of the list. Well, Axe Cop, I love you and I'm gonna let you finish (especially since I'm pretty sure Psydrozon is outside), but as surreal as your escapades can be, someone who ranked higher than you on the list has out-surrealed you. Again. By proxy thanks to a Wisconsin school choir. Yes, it's even more surreal than that clip of Christian Bale singing the Powerpuff Girls theme song followed by Marky Mark singing the song from the Transformers movie. And that's pretty weird.

The Gifford Children's Choir of Racine, Wisconsin achieved Internet meme status when they created a video featuring themselves performing Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive from the popular video game Portal. To top that, they've created another video they hope will get one million hits- and given how freakin' surreal it is, it just might. I present to you "A Christmas Trololo."

This apparently holiday-themed tribute to Eduard Khil's now memetic performance somehow outsurreals it in every manner. Apparently believing that Mr. Khil's bizarre face was actually a mask, all of the kids are wearing masks (including the Phantom of the Opera, V for Vendetta, and Hillary Clinton for good measure). There are bizarre bits of audience participation, a Monty Pythonesque cut away to what they refer to as "The Trololobot," which looks more like a zombie Eduard Khil, and cameo appearances by the school principal, Santa Claus, and a fourth grader dressed in a cake dress as a callback to their Still Alive video who frankly looks more like a robot than the Trololobot does. Yes, once again, the cake is a lie.

This holiday tribute to the most addictive thing to come out of the Soviet Union since Tetris (an impressive feat for a country that hasn't existed since 1991) is certainly a testament to...something. If I didn't know any better, I think it might be the work of space aliens (which is still my explanation for that Norwegian video where all the washed-up celebrities are lip-synching Let It Be). Clearly, the only force than can stop such an invading army and their hypnotic viral videos is Axe Cop. Might be related to those aliens from the evil, Evil, EVIL Planet Tinko. Want your space on my list boosted a few places, Axe Cop? You know what to do.

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