Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apocalypse How?

One of my Twitter pals/fellow bloggers, Tomato Surprise, has challenged me to do one of the following by October 31 "to test the might of Mostly From Sugar Packets":

1. Count down my top ten scariest episodes of an animated series.
2. Read and review one chapter of any Twlight novel.
3. Describe, as cohesively and realistically as you can, how our world would be changed by a zombie apocalypse.
4. Ignore all of these and do something else.

I can't really think of any animated TV shows that scared me, I've actually read a bit of the first Twilight novel and didn't think the writing was that bad (though I might not think the same if I continued to read it), and I'm not one to back away from a challenge- especially a pointless one. So, I hereby present my cohesive and realistic description on how our world would be changed by a zombie apocalypse:

It wouldn't.

The most popular show currently on cable is about the exploits of a group of goofballs which reinforces negative stereotypes regarding Italians and people from New Jersey- the latter being particularly interesting, seeing as they aren't even from New Jersey. An incredible witty, unique film which I think is accessible to even those who aren't fans of video games and rock music (I loved the music in the film, even though I'm not a big modern rock fan) was beaten at the box office by the latest in a series of mediocre "spoof" films whose idea of parody is poining out something exists. Two of the longest-running shows on television are a compilation of home videos of people making fools of themselves and on-the-job footage of policemen who usually encounter offenders who also make fools of themself. A majority of people on the internet still make no [expletive deleted] sense.

Have you ever seen the film Idiocracy (which, coincidentially, was intentionally given a very limited release by its studio and didn't really become well-known until its home video release)? What happens in that film is what's happening to humankind in general: for some reason, we're becoming easier to entertain, and thus the most successful popular culture is getting dumber and dumber, thus making the people dumber and dumber, and so on and so forth. Yes, there are a few exceptions, and I'll admit that I (as everyone does) have my own lowbrow guilty pleasures (maybe too many of them, if that's possible). But you have to have something high-quality every now and then to even it out. Thankfully, there's still a lot of intelligent pop culture out there, but it seems it keeps getting buried more and more by the less-than-stellar material out there.

If the zombies came, they'd either have nothing to dine on or no one could tell the difference afterwards.

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