Thursday, October 14, 2010

In The Beginning...

Sometimes, 140 characters just isn't enough.

Despite the simplicity, brevity, and fun of Twitter and other social networking sites when it comes to keeping communicated and sharing your thoughts, sometimes you need more space to write down the silly or intriguing (at least to you) thoughts that swirl in your head- so you need to put them out there another way. You need a blog.

Thus, as of today, I join the blogosphere with a blog of my very own: Mostly From Sugar Packets. Originally, I was planning on calling this blog "Yet Another Pointless Blog," because, let's face it, that's what it is. But then, I thought of a line from my all-time favorite TV show and one of my comedic influences, The Simpsons: Bart's grandfather is attempting to explain to him the significance of the Wright Brothers's airplane. Senile as usual, his explanation somehow involves Charles Lindbergh, the Civil War, and a thimbleful of corn oil. Just as unaware of the real facts as his grandfather is, an impressed Bart asks Grampa how he learned so much about history.

"I pieced it together, mostly from sugar packets."

Like many lines from this endlessly quotable show, I have (or at least have wanted to) used this line in real life when asked where I found something out that I don't actually know where I found it out. And it's a perfect title for this blog (at least I think it is): these are just random musings on pop culture, history, current events, whatever's on my mind. I pieced it together, and now it's ending up here- Mostly From Sugar Packets.

I hope my friends from Twitter, Facebook, real life, and elsewhere follow my blog and see what I have to say, and I hope others join the ride as well and enjoy whatever comes out. I have some ideas for a few posts for now, but as to what they will be, you will have to find out for yourselves. And after that? Well, I don't know. Much like a famous movie character erroneously said about chocolate boxes, you'll never know what you'll get. And for that matter, neither will I. Either way, I hope you (and I) will have fun, start a lively debate, inspire each other, give each other suggestions, and what have you. Or maybe we won't. Like I said, you never know.

But for now, I do know what I want to say: Welcome.

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