Thursday, October 21, 2010

He Got The (Fish) Hookup

The public radio series The Story recently had an, story about Noah Z. Jones, an artist and illustrator who got an incredibly lucky break and now can say he created his own TV series. How did almost naked animals lead to Fish Hooks? Find out and listen to his story here (it's 31 minutes into the episode)- it's really interesting.

Here's one of Mr. Jones's first jobs as an animator, Pete's A Pizza, as narrated by Chevy Chase.

And here's a Fish Hooks cartoon where Bea, a perky young goldfish girl, learns the hard way that the business world usually doesn't come with the lucky breaks of the sort that fell into Mr. Jones's lap.

FISH HOOKS ©The Walt Disney Company. PETE'S A PIZZA ©1998 by William Steig, animated adaptation ©2000 Weston Woods/Scholastic. No ownership intended or implied.
Thanks to my pal @importantverbs for pointing me in the direction of this interview.

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