Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brought to You by the Letters S, N, and L

Sure, much like North Korea bombing South Korea for some reason, a supposed Ugly Betty star murdering his mom with a samurai sword for some reason, and Miley Cyrus turning 18 for some reason, this has been getting a lot of talk online, but why not have one more voice join the chorus? Especially because it's funny.

Sesame Street's been in the public eye a lot this year. Be it Grover spoofing the Old Spice ads, a song called "I Love My Hair," that whole Elmo-Katy Perry thing, or Bert apparently outing himself on Twitter, the long-running and still-beloved show has gotten a lot of buzz online and in the media, both thanks to the efforts of the show itself and through word of mouth- what's known in the online biz as "going viral."

And so has Betty White. The veteran comedienne has been everywhere this year, and it all started with a successful Facebook campaign to get the ex-Golden Girl to host Saturday Night Live. Today, one of Sesame Street's bluest citizens started his own campaign to rock 30 Rock, with his own audition tape. A very cookie-obsessed audition tape.

I wish Mr. Monster the best of luck in his campaign and encourage you to support him on his official Facebook page for his quest. And even if he doesn't make it, his audition is still good enough for me.

To help him in his long running-quest to debunk those rumors about his changes of diet or name, I leave you with his classic Colbert Report guest appearance, one of my all time favorite highlights for both him and Colbert.

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Cookie Monster
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