Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Is Only A Test

I may or may not be involved with an audio-based project in the future, so this is just an audio-based test for fun and also an attempt at amateur voice acting. I'm using a site I've used in the past for other reasons. So, see if you can hear- and enjoy- my take on an excerpt from an unproduced Homestar Runner cartoon. (As for who that is for those who don't know- maybe I'll get to that one of these days...) I realize my Homestar fails to pass the "fish was delsih and it made quite a dish" test- it's hard not to go overboard when impersonating him, but maybe I should practice doing voices without making the audio unlistenable in the process.

Character voices impersonated by and track produced by Ryan W. Mead
Written by and characters created by The Brothers Chaps ®&©2010 Harmless Junk, Inc. No ownership intended or implied


  1. you are really good ryan! i never knew how much talent is needed to do voiceovers, but you definitely have it! I can tell it's you, but it also sounds like someone else.

  2. Interesting, but Strong Bad sounds a little too high-pitched. Other than that, it really DOES sound like you stole an un-produced script.

  3. Thanks, you two!

    Pauline: Here I'm actually imitating the voices of pre-existing characters, but I do have some samples based on characters who don't have a voice (at least not yet) that I plan to do in the future.

    Galileo: The reason it sounds like I stole an unproduced script it because I did. I can write pretty goofy when I want to, but not as goofy as the Brothers Chaps can.